Manas Ranch of Esparto, California for "The Best Peaches in the West!"

Ordering Your Fruit

We accept orders by Phone, and ship peaches anywhere in the country, including Hawaii, during the season.

Our fruit is generally ordered by the lug, a shipping box of fresh fruit weighing approximately 22 lbs, and we also ship 5 and 10 lb boxes. We can ship First Quality only, but we offer Second Quality and "soft" fruit at the store for those who are doing canning, cooking, or making jam.

To view our ripening schedule, please click here.

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Mailing List

We are working to replace our printed mailing list with an electronic newsletter, helping us to keep down our communication costs. We encourage you to use the sign up button on the home page to subscribe. If you are on our postal list, and can be contacted by email, please let us know. It will provide a significant savings. Thank you.

Packing The Best Peaches in the West at Manas Ranch in Esparto, California

The Best Peaches in the West are picked, sorted, and sold right here at our Orchard!