Manas Ranch of Esparto, California for "The Best Peaches in the West!"
Fred Manas, owner of Manas Ranch and Double Bar O Angus Ranch
Fred Manas

Our goal is to provide the best and freshest quality produce direct to the consumer for the greatest eating experience. Apparently that pays off, because in the mid 90's, an article was written about our ranch in Sunset Magazine, identifying Manas Ranch peaches as The Best Peaches in the West. We liked that, and made it our motto!

We grow apricots, cherries, and five different varieties of peaches, and we are looking at adding other new varieties of stone fruits in the future.

We strive to produce the best tasting fruit there is. All of our fruit is grown insecticide-free. Instead of spraying chemicals, we utilize an integrated pest management system that has "good" bugs waging war on the bugs that would damage the orchard.

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Ranch Hours:

8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily
during harvest (mid-June to mid-November)

Delicious seasonal fruits all summer long! Check our ripening calendar for approximate dates.

We accept phone orders:
(530) 787-3228

Manas Ranch, home of the Best Peaches in the West, is located in Esparto, CaliforniaHealth Benefits

Apricots- A good source of vitamin A, and high in potassium

Cherries- A good source of vitamin C, anti-oxidant and LDL to reduce cholesterol

Peaches- A good source of niacin (vitamin B3)

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